This is an auxiliary page to The NoCeM Registry. This page was last modified 04 mei 2008. Copyright © 1997-2008 Rosalind Hengeveld.

Site Map of The NoCeM Registry


The NoCeM Registry is available from the following site:

Site Web Location Maintainer Geographical Location
Original Site Rosalind Hengeveld Voorburg (near The Hague), Netherlands

Site Pages

The NoCeM Registry consists of the following pages:

Page Title or Brief Description
faq-reg.html FAQ to The NoCeM Registry
histreg.html Historical main page, 16 Nov 1997
index.html Relay to main page nocemreg.html
ncmperm.txt NoCeM permission file
ncmring.asc PGP keyring
nocemreg.html Main page
notes.html Notes to The NoCeM Registry
policy.html The NoCeM Registry's Policy
reghelp.html Help on The NoCeM Registry
reglog.html Change Log for The NoCeM Registry
regperm.html Permissioners in The NoCeM Registry
sitemap.html Site Map of The NoCeM Registry (this page)


We feel indebted to the following people for their contributions (other than as issuers) to The NoCeM Registry:

Bunny, Julien Élie, Era Eriksson, Andrew Gierth, Ronald Hello, Thijs Kinkhorst, Simon Lyall, Roelf Renkema, Vincent Schonau, Shat T Cat, Rich Skrenta


Copyright © 1997-2008 Rosalind Hengeveld. Use of our PGP keyring and NoCeM permission file, in altered or in unaltered form, for their intended purpose with NoCeM-On-Spool or other NoCeM software, is freely permitted. Fair use of other material from any web page located at the NoCeM Registry site under is permitted, provided proper credit is made to Rosalind Hengeveld as the author.